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Balanced Objects

2022 Summer Camp

Stedu Association is a 501(c)(3) international nonprofit organization promoting the idea of "STEM opportunities for all." We have previously hosted multiple events and courses, impacting more than 300 students in 2021. We wanted to challenge ourselves by hosting the world's first-ever high school and college student-focused startup camp that focuses on three following areas… Business/Entrepreneurship, Programming/Computer Science, and Design.  

Why should you sign up?

Overview of the Program

Business/Entrepreneurship (1 Week)

  • Startups 

    • How to talk to users

    • How to do market research

    • How to find clients

    • How to market our product or service


Programming/Computer Science (2 weeks)

  • Python

  • HTML / CSS 

  • Javascript 


Design (1 Week)

  • Canva

  • Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop

  • UI/UX Design

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some links to give you a glimpse into what our program this year will offer!

Camp Schedule

UI/UX Design Course Outline

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