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Summer and Winter Courses!

Providing Professional STEM Courses for Middle and High School Students!

It is very challenging for students in Middle and High School to find professional and open STEM-specific subject courses. From the beginning, Stedu Association's goal was to provide professional-led summer courses for middle and high school students who are passionate, interested, and excited to learn STEM-specific subjects to raise the future leaders of our society!  

Our goal is to host annual Summer and Winter courses on specific STEM subjects such as Physics, Machine Learning, Neuroscience, Computational Neuroscience, University-level biology, chemistry and more!

STEM Workshops

Made by Students for Students!

STEM Workshops are hosted by STEM Passionate, Interested, and Knowledgeable students from Stedu Association. STEM Workshops tend to not only provide resources for students but provides a clear understanding about STEM and specific STEM Subjects! We provide presentations (as a resource), live Zoom workshops such as "Introductions to Neuroscience" and "Introductions to Physics". Our STEM Workshops are carefully conducted, reviewed, and designed to bring our mission in action, making STEM education easier to approach and understand for all sorts of age, gender, and nationality.

Mentorship Program!

Connecting the future STEM leaders with current STEM leaders!

This program connects students with professionals in various STEM fields. It also gives students hope, detailed descriptions of specific STEM fields, and prepares them for the world ahead!