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STEDU Summer Recap

Hello everyone, this is Ryan, the executive vice president. To begin off, thank you for your time. As a nonprofit organization, we strive to impact the world with education, and everyone involved - as a member, volunteer, student, or even a visitor - is a huge part of our success. Without further to do, I'll recap STEDU's work over the summer.

  1. Summer Camp: STEDU launched an entrepreneurship summer camp focused on three subjects: Business/Marketing, Computer Science, and UI/UX Design. We got over 180 signups and corporate professionals from JUV consulting to Crimson Education taught our students over a span of 2 months. Even the Co-Founder/CEO of Crimson Education, Mr. Jamie Beaton (Former Forbes 30 Under 30), spoke to our students. Thank you to our lecturers and guest speakers.

  2. Partnerships: We officially partnered with Crimson Education under the Crimson Youth Fund program, and Google under Google for Nonprofits Program. We also received a Google Ads grant of $10K USD a month.

  3. Career Day @ Dwight School Seoul: I got invited by Dwight School Seoul to take part in their career day as a nonprofit exhibitor. I spoke to over 100 students about the nonprofit experience.

Going forward, I promise on the behalf of STEDU Association that we will ALWAYS try our best to bring the best quality education for all. Thank you for inquiring about our organization, and you can always contact me through my email.

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