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The Science Behind

Science is simply the word we use to describe a method of organizing our curiosity”- Tim Minchin

Do you remember being a little kid and having an endless amount of questions? Silly questions like “Why is the sky blue?” or “Why does the plane look so small in the sky?” Questions like that were waved off by adults. Laughed off by older kids. Well, if people never asked those questions, we wouldn’t know much today. We wouldn’t know about gravity, we wouldn’t understand matter, and we wouldn’t know about time. Those questions are the base of our foundation at The Science Behind. We question things that they tell us to take in as they are. We ask “Why do we dream?”, “What is the actual color of water?” “Why do we get addicted to things?”. Curiosity is the most prized possession at The Science Behind, so if you’re feeling curious today- dive into our articles, listen to our podcast, or take an interest in our projects. 

The Science Behind is a teenage-run organization founded by Sarah Masih. We are based in California, US.  We work to bring back the curious-minded children we all once were. We call out everyday science and demand explanations. We dig deeper. At The Science Behind: Curiosity is key!

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