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Stedu Clubs

Create a chapter to bring advanced, specialized knowledge in certain areas of STEM to your high school!

What are Stedu Clubs?

Stedu Clubs are student-run high-school clubs that allow students to learn about certain subject areas in STEM that wouldn’t be taught in a specialized manner at many public/private schools around the world. Stedu Clubs allow students at public/private schools around the world to lead curriculums in advanced STEM areas that they’re passionate about. We’re looking for proactive student-leaders to sign-up to lead our Stedu Clubs to bring advanced specialized knowledge to their schools! These leaders would use Stedu Association’s resources to bring in workshops with local STEM experts and teach their peers about topics in STEM that may not be offered in their school’s curriculum.

What are the steps to make my
own Stedu Club at my high school?

  1. Choose between the course offerings that we have! As of October 2022, we will be offering resources for neuroscience and economics.

  2. Get an advisor on board. This will most likely be required by your school and will make creating your club easier and more organized.

  3. Choose a day and time to run your Stedu Club. This should be a day when there aren’t many other clubs running where the members would be interested in joining yours.

  4. Build up an executive board for your club! It should have a president, vice-president, treasurer, and secretary. This should most likely line up with your school’s club guidelines, as well.

  5. If you need to pitch the club to your school, use our resources on the premise of the club and how it will run to present it.

  6. Once you’re approved to run the club, promote it through flyers around your school (if you’re able) and/or your school’s social media pages!

  7. When your club meets, get started with teaching using the materials provided by Stedu Association. Your club will add onto these materials in the form of worksheets or study guides each month.

  8. If your club chooses to do so, email experts in your Club’s field to talk or plan an event. Resources are available for both of these from the Stedu Association.

What are the benefits of
making my own Stedu Club?

Develop essential skills

By creating your very own Stedu Club, you create leadership opportunities for yourself and others, which can help you and your peers grow in soft skills like project management and public speaking

Free stickers and merch!

We also plan to provide free stickers and merch for STEDU Club members

*Will be provided based on the quarterly budget for the department - TBD.

Gain access to free resources

Stedu Association offers free resources to Stedu Clubs such as presentations, worksheets, and Club marketing materials, free of charge, along with templates for emailing professors or other professionals in the field of your Club for workshops and guidelines for planning events.

Expand STEM Knowledge

Stedu Clubs most importantly allow students to delve deeper into the STEM subjects they enjoy the most in a more accessible and affordable way. 

What are the responsibilities
of my Stedu club?

Each month, every club is required to submit its own original study resources to the drive that will be accessible for all clubs to use as they move along in their respective curricula. The study materials need to meet the following criteria to be approved:

  • Length of materials each month must be 10 pages

  • The font and formatting of materials must be consistent and neat

  • The materials must be typed up or digitized for easy distribution and usage by other clubs

  • The materials must have the Club number listed and be accompanied by a list of the members involved in creating them. The list of names will not be distributed in any way and should be submitted along with attendance materials


Stedu Clubs also have attendance requirements, much like any other club at your school. Members of your Stedu Club must attend at least 80% of your club’s meetings, and attendance must be uploaded to the shared platform where you submit documents (the platform is TBD).

What happens if the club does
not abide by the responsibilities?

If your Stedu Club does not fulfill the responsibilities listed above, access to the materials provided by Stedu Association for promotion, curriculum progression, and interaction with professionals will be revoked. This allows for fair allocation of resources among students who are part of the Stedu Club system all over the country and world.

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