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Providing STEM to all

We strive to promote the idea of "STEM for ALL" by presenting STEM opportunities to everyone, regardless of where they are from, what they do, or how they identify.

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Interested in programming, graphic design, or entrepreneurship?

We will be offering all of the above in a 8-week summer camp, with the offering of online lectures and webinars held by established professionals and professors, the chance to get recognized and receive awards, networking opportunities, and present to Venture Capitals (VCs) based in Silicon Valley, New York, Boston and Seoul all at no-cost! 

Our Mission

Stedu Association is a 501(c)(3) international non-profit organization based in South Korea and California with the mission of providing STEM in a more accessible and approachable manner. STEM is becoming more and more popular, however, there aren't many resources to guide those who want to pursue specific careers in these fields. This reason is why it is so important for us to do our best to provide the future generation of STEM leaders with the proper education, fair opportunities, and inspiration from professionals.

Our Programs


Summer Programs

Fully free-of-cost programs run in the summer that teach students valuable STEM skills


STEM Courses

In-depth and intensive learning experiences led by highly esteemed professors and lecturers



STEM Workshops

Workshops on various, unique topics such as Cancer Immunology and Political Cognition



Student-mentor pairings to connect high school & college students with STEM professionals

Our Impact


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